Dearest Listeners,



Thursday, June 16th, I'll be playing a DJ set at Bossa Nova Civic Club alongside DJ Blaksquirrel of Rare Birds crew. i'm excited to spin some of my own new tracks as well as some recently discovered gems I've been introduced to by the eponymous Shy Eyez. 


On Friday and Saturday June 17-18th, I'll be headed into Transmitter Park Studios to work on my newest track, "Soft Power". I'm extremely excited to work on the production of this song. This will be my second produced song in a studio. After a tour of Transmitter Park, I saw the tantalizing possibilities in adopting a myriad of analog drum machines and synthesizers as well as an incredibly nice, super experienced producer to help me realize the final version of my song.

Unlike my first studio experience, I'll be working with a production situation revolving around electronic music. Just in our introductions, I am already significantly more confident in trusting my sound and vision (song pun intended) with Abe, the co-owner. His credits are off the charts, and judging from the quick demos he played for me, he is going to make my song sound absolutely amazing.

If more news comes along, I'll be sure to update. Stay tuned friends!